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The Directory All coffeeshops, smartshops, growshops and headshops throughout the Netherlands.

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Forum Discussion of coffeeshop culture and latest news from Holland.

The Directory has details of well over 1000 shops throughout the Netherlands. Each outlet has its own page with contact details, reviews, comments, pictures, cups awarded and links.
Last updated on 19th March 2016. For additions in this update please see what's new .

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The Best Coffeeshops
In the Netherlands the term coffeeshop has come to mean a place where hashish and marijuana are available. The ACD is your comprehensive guide to cannabis cafes and drugs in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It lists shops selling weed, psychedelics, growing kit and everything hemp and will help you find out where the best buds are and some cool places to smoke them. Above all, the ACD is about unashamed cannabis tourism. It's for planning a coffee shop crawl around Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory was first established on the 3rd July 1998 on the Pipex network and moved here to FreeUK on 20/09/00. It's now located at www.coffeeshop.freeuk.com but can also be accessed via www.coffeeshopdirect.com. If for any reason the site has to move in the future, the coffeeshopdirect.com address will always link to it.
Over 18 Dutch coffee shops are licenced to sell small quantities of cannabis to adults over 18. If you don't want to read about soft drugs then please click your browser's back button.
Throughout the directory, symbols denote the type of shop:
coffee shop (cannabis, hashish, marijuana)
smart shop (mushrooms and smart drugs)
grow shop (cannabis seeds)
head shop (pipes and paraphernalia)
smoker-friendly bar
museum (permanent exhibition)
Popular shops
Grey Area
Pink Floyd
Homegrown Fantasy
Willie Wortel's , Haarlem
Heaven 69 , Maastricht
Kosbor , Maastricht
The Pink , Eindhoven
Pax De Boot , Breda
Het Binnenhof , Zwolle
Yanks , Zandvoort
Amsterdam Zones
Centrum , Western Canals and Jordaan , Southern Main Canals , Jodenhoek and Eastern Canals , Old West , The West , Old South , New South and beyond , The East , The North
Drenthe , Flevoland , Friesland , Gelderland, Groningen , Limburg, Noord Brabant , Noord Holland , Overijssel, Utrecht , Zeeland, Zuid Holland
Arnhem , Eindhoven , Groningen , Haarlem , Maastricht , Rotterdam , 's-Gravenhage (The Hague) , Tilburg , Utrecht , ( more towns )

* The word "coffee" in the title of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory should not be taken as condoning the use of addictive drugs. Drinks containing caffeine should be used with care and moderation. Alternatively, stay on the grass!