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Juicebar De Watersnip
Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 37
1064 HL, Amsterdam
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Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
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Juicebar De Watersnip
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Anon.. Sent 27 Feb 2015.
Coffeeshop is located close to hostel. Just 10-15min walking. It's closer than it looks on the map. Next to window there is a scale so customer can check the weight. Friendly shopkeeper. It's like a kiosk. No weedpass etc.
ADN from France. Sent 31 Jan 2011.
Small shop (about 10sq m) with a limited menu: only 4 weeds and 4 kinds of hash. No seat, only buy and fly. Smoking is even forbidden. Bought 1 g of Watersnip special 11 euros, one nice weed, very dry with a good taste and clear high.
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