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Parkweg 373
3119 CK Schiedam
+31 (0)10 4267455
Sun-Thu 10:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-01:00
Map of Zuid Holland province (dead link)

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Haze from UK. Sent 19 Mar 2013.
I just wanted to report that this shop is open and selling good quality. (I moved to the area recently so no idea how long they've been open since the last report on the site) Prices are not low but the quality is good to excellent. If you like stony hash, the Besaha Nougat at 10 euros a gram is a winner. Soft, fragrant, dark and hard hitting. Their weeds are also good; Haze (2 varieties usually), Santa/White Widow, Power Plant. Hash ranges from Kush Gold and Kashmir at 15 euros a gram (didn't try those so cannot comment) down through the Nougat for 10 and something else I can't remember, possibly, for slightly less per gram. Please note: There is no smoking area, it is now purely a "cash and carry" so maybe not the best for a tourist on a stroll.

Bernhard from Netherlands. Sent 4 Mar 2007.
The Spunk in Schiedam has been closed for a while. Don't know when it will open again, but it is a good shop. I always get their Voordeel Zak, it's 20 euro for 5 gram and the weed is Skunk.

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