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Prins Bernhardlaan 3
3901 CA, Veenendaal
Shop Type
Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
0318 526157
Open Hours
Mon-Thu 10:00-00:00; Fri-Sat 10:00-01:00; Sun 11:00-23:00
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Jimmy from UK. Visited 8/07/09. Sent 30 Jul 2009.
Went there at 6pm ish on a Wednesday. Very busy, lots of locals turning up on scooters buying fast and leaving. I waited till the counter was free and asked if they had a menu. They didn't. Lots of prerolls on show or you looked at the chalkboard behind for hints on pricing. The guy in there when I went didn't speak much English and kinda wanted to get rid of me. As it was a work night I asked for a hash prerolled and he looked at me as if I had just cursed at him almost thinking (why doesn't this silly Englishman want Green). Was 3 euros for a packaged preroll. Then I bought 2grams of the strongest they had, which was 10euros a gram. They had puur skunk in shop prerolleds as well as supersize and standard size skunk joints. All over 5 euros for a joint. Went into the smoking room, was full of locals, a pool table some roman style decoration a TV playing hiphop videos. I smoked my joint and got out of there. In comparison to some of the shops I've been in in Amsterdam this wasn't the most pleasant experience.
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