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Vijhestraat 7
3841 CW, Harderwijk
Shop Type
Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
0341 1431813
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Mr. Baco from Netherlands. Sent 30 Nov 2010.
I come from Harderwijk and this coffeeshop sucks. Oh yes, it looks fine but the weed is way too little baggies. Amersfoort is a better place to buy your weed.
John from Germany. Sent 2 Aug 2010.
I've bought some "Plant of Power" (marijuana) and some "Tisla" (hash) and I was very, very amused :-) The people were very nice, the atmosphere was cool and some papers were always be there :-) The quality of the stuff is good, and the prices are appropriate.
The Edinburgensians from Scotland. Sent 4 Mar 2004.
Harderwijk has the feel of a small seaside resort (though completely inland - look on a map!) and a Dolfinarium, the reason most people visit; and despite the toe-curling 'tricks' the animals are made to perform to suitably cheesy music tracks at feeding time displays, it's worth seeing. Not too far from the Dolfinarium, on the corner half-way up Vijhestraat, is what we consider the better of Harderwijk's two coffeeshops (see Uzay for why). Though a lick of paint would not go amiss here, Liberty has a pleasantly lived-in, mainly brown, decor with a plain wooden floor and wooden chairs except for padded stools at the bar area. The toilet was clean and in good repair - something we've noticed is usually the case when a woman is running the shop! Busy even on a Sunday lunchtime, with a lady proprietor and a good mix of customers of all ages and races. As well as the usual Photoplay machine and pool table, there is also a Terminator 3 pinball machine (the one with the RPG in the backbox).
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