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Funny People
Nieuwebrugsteeg 24
1012 AH, Amsterdam
Shop Type
Smoker-friendly bar, allowing pure cannabis consumption
020 6238663
Open Hours
Mon-Sat 08:00-01:00; Sun 09:00-01:00
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No longer a coffeeshop. See also new shop
Funny People
Funny People
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Laura from USA. Visited Feb 08. Sent 13 Apr 2008.
I would like to give props to their bud, but the service there was horrible. Me and my husband thought maybe they were getting an attitude towards us being tourists, but then as we turned the bong in he started to change his attitude.
Eric from USA. Sent 3 Dec 2007.
Me and 5 of my friends visited Funny People over this past weekend. We are all exchange students living in Germany for this year and decided to go to A'dam. We were roaming the streets until we came across this place. It looked strangely vacant given the time of night, so naturally we wanted to get inside from the rain and light up. The tattooed tough guy behind the counter told us we can only sit down "depending on what we wanted" Wasn't sure what he meant, but I proceeded to order 2 grams for just myself, and my other friends would follow suit. He promptly threw the menu across the room said "you want 6 people to stay in here on two grams? Why don't you and your friends get out of here, and don't let the door hit you on the way out." Followed up with a nice "Have a nice swim". I was completely blown away by this ass-hole, but by looking at the other reviews, I shouldn't be surprised.
Lisa from UK. Sent 18 Sep 2007.
The shop is quite trendy and not that trippy, so we went in. I ordered a ready rolled spliff and two hot chocolate. I was searching through my purse to pay, and whilst holding a ten and twenty note in my hand looking for a five euro note (bill was 13euro so expensive in comparison to other coffee shops), the guy serving took the 10 and 20 euro notes and walked away towards the till. I called him and told him that he had took 30euros when the bill was only 13 euros, he turned and shouted 'yes thirteen' I reiterated what I had told him before, however I believe that this prick swapped the 20 for a five (they are both blue) euro note and swindled me out of approximately 17 euros. He made out he couldn't speak good English, yet it was blatantly obvious he was English. I wasn't paranoid and I wasn't completely out of it, as some of you may be thinking. This prick saw two older woman and thought he could do us. Wrong, not only did I intimidate him by staring at him the majority of the time it took to smoke 1 spliff and drink my chocolate, but I also made it clear to the few people in there and the staff that I knew what he had done. The smoke was crap as well in comparison to all the other friendly coffee shops we had visited. Don't go there!
Brindesi from UK. Visited Feb 9. Sent 11 Feb 2007.
Ordered 2 coffees, was given 1 hash menu, and was told that unless I bought hash, I wouldn't be served coffee. The skinhead who told me this was not polite and I would not have been surprised if he had become abusive and hit me. I would avoid Funny People as it was the least laid back coffee shop I have visited to date. The weed menu was also on the pricey side too. Nope, this place is all wrong.
Nate from UK. Sent 30 Jan 2007.
This is one of my favourite coffeeshops within the centre of Amsterdam. Away from the busier streets it offers a nice, chilled atmosphere. Funny Skunk 5g/25euros (if I remember rightly!) is a great deal. They also do 1g/5euros. They have a nice selection of food, mainly toasties and serves very tasty milkshakes! Good tunes and safe barstaff aswell.
Nabs from France. Sent 23 Jan 2007.
We also had a bad experience at the Funny People. We step into this coffeeshop empty. The guy in the bar was talking with his friends and didn't pay attention to us. Then my boy went to order something to drink. The guy said we had to buy weed too if we wanna stay! That's what my nice boyfriend did but I would never accept this. We bought a pre rolled with a shit taste. I didn't want to stay because I really felt unwelcome and the place was dirty, the table, the seats etc. This Funny People coffeeshop should change its name and I don't advise it to anybody, strong negative vibe for people who want to chill and enjoy. Sorry but this is really what I think about this place. One of the worst coffeeshops of Amsterdam.
Mick from Scotland. Sent 9 Sep 2006.
This coffee shop is the one I have spent most time in during my 4 visits in the last two years and I have to say it is the best and most comfortable coffee shop out off all the shops in this area (second is Sheeba). I have always received warm welcomes and the staff have been very helpful and friendly. The product is very reasonably priced and of a high quality. I leave tomorrow for Amsterdam for 5 days and I know this is where I'll spend most of my time. Good times roll on.
John from USA. Sent 7 Aug 2006.
This is the only coffeeshop I had a bad experience with. I sat down at the bar and was handed a menu for weed. When I ordered a coffee, all the bartender said was, "can't help you man" and walked off, so after sitting confused for a moment, I did the same. Besides that, it seemed like a jolly place. Not overly decorated like some of the shops. Also, I think it was the only coffeeshop I went into that had cumulous clouds of smoke throughout the place, which reminded me of home.
Sean from USA. Sent 12 Jun 2006.
Recommended to me by almost every local I met. Much like Ballonnetje, but with friendlier staff and close to the center.
Jones from USA. Sent 4 Jun 2006.
Although the workers did seem on edge it is a great experience and very good smoke. When I go back you better believe it's the first place I'm going to lite up at.
Anon.. Sent 25 Nov 2005.
I have visited Funny People Coffee shop 5 times in the past 3 yrs and every time I arrive there I am treated very well. Nice smoke and friendly staff I always make a point of going there as it is my fav place in the dam and I have visited quite a few. I decided I would recommend it as I have never until today saw any remarks about the shop and I think its about time people found out about it. Also it is literally across the bridge from central station and a good meeting up place.
BigRu from UK. Sent 17 Feb 2005.
Bad service plus bad weed. I am 24 years old with bad stubble and bartender wouldn't serve me until I showed him I.D. Funnily enough I have been to the Dam once a year since I was 14 and he bloody served me then. Once we got served our green it was dry and quite frankly stale. Nice location plus decor though.
Simon from Denmark. Sent 1 Jun 2004.
A cool place to get stoned, they have a wide selection of hash and weed. All over the place there is pictures of famous comedians. I tried some of their black hash and it was fine.
Gary from USA. Sent 1 Nov 2000.
I had an unpleasant experience at the Funny People Coffeeshop at Nieuwebrugsteeg 24. I asked the bartender if it was ok if I smoked some of my own and he nearly took a swing at me. I ordered a coffee and bought a lighter but felt my presence wasn't welcome. When I left, he muttered something about tourists at me. What gives? Maybe because Ajax isn't playing so well?? Compared to some of the drunken Brits in there, I was downright polite.
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