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Houtmarkt 23
4811 JC, Breda
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Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
076 5200519
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Jim from Belgium. Sent 8 Nov 2011.
Apart from always being pretty unfriendly staff, they have twice tricked me into buying E50 crap. The first was supposed to be Bubble Gum (called their house weed). Completely tasteless and no smell, very poor. I Just went back there and asked for Krystal and told 'don't open it'. When I had paid my 48 Euros and left I checked and realised he had sold me the same 'house weed'. I went back and the guy swore blind he had given me Krystal and would not take it back. This is totally out of order and pure street foolishness. He needs properly talking to as he is giving a bad name to his shop and the business already in crisis.
Heylliott from Belgium. Sent 11 Aug 2011.
The place is easy to find, in the city center, but the seller seems not very kind, there were not many people in the shop and they hurry me to buy my weed. I took 3 boxes of White Widow (15€ / 1,6g) because they sold all their crystal, and a pre rolled of Skunk (5€) that takes me 2 days to smoke! Both WW and Skunk were very very good. So go there for buying weed not for staying with your friend.
Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 29 Dec 2008.
A modern shop with a smoker's area in the back. They had some hash like Zero Zero, Cristal, polm and weeds like WW, Skunk. We got a box of Zero Zero, and a pre rolled hash joint. I didn't smoke the Zero Zero. The hash joint wasn't that good, too much tobacco and a filthy taste. The only good thing was that it came in a good plastic container.
Cloud Striffe from France. Sent 12 Jul 2008.
Quite an average coffeeshop I'd say, nothing special about it, apart from the fact that here you don't buy by the gram. They have 15€ already packed little boxes, and the weight depends on the merchandise. And don't worry if what you buy end up being just a bit over 5g, that's no big deal to them (as long as you asks politely obviously). I got Zero Zero (hasch) which weight was spot on, but I expected better quality from a Zero Zero. They got tables inside and outside in a calm little street. Their deco is a bit too trendy to me, but it could be far worse.
Colin from USA. (living Belgium) Sent 2 Jan 2008.
I went to this shop a few weeks ago and bought the Kristal (5g/40 euros). It was really good! I used to grow weed and sold it for 8 years in California before moving here, so I tend to know what is good, and what just "looks" good, or smells good. The weed was cured proper. One thing strange was when I asked to see the Skunk, it was the same weed as the Krystal :S so I was a little pissed they were scamming, but since the weed was actually really good, I took the Kristal or Skunk, or whatever I wanted to call it. 2 weeks later my friend went and got Krystal again and it was clearly not the same weed, and was awful! He's not a connoisseur therefore don't know really the diff between good and bad, everything looks good to most smokers who are stoned. I would like to try this place one more time to make a final decision of the quality. The staff was awesome and nice, no probs there, however same people don't work everyday. U decide when u check it mon.
Noe from Germany. (living in Breda) Sent 29 Sep 2006.
The only good thing about coffeeshop is that there is Mc Donalds, Subways and an Australian ice nearby. Weed is better than hash but not even the weed is really good.
Jonaskif from UK. Sent 5 Sep 2006.
Bought 3.4g of Super Maroc, which was not very good quality, expensive too at 30 Euros. Asked some local guys if there was anywhere to buy more than 5g and they turned funny, so we made a quick exit.
Scott from France. Sent 10 Jul 2005.
I thought the personnel of the coffeeshop wasn't that friendly, and quite nervous. After that, the weed they sold wasn't the best quality for the (quite) expensive prices. However, the atmosphere and the seating are nice.
Strozzapreti from Belgium. Sent 17 Jun 2004.
Very centrally located (nip in while the girlfriend empties to local shops). Looks like a bar. Ok atmosphere, if a little touristy and sometimes crowded. The weed is always better quality than the hashish.
JF from France. Sent 21 Apr 2004.
A large choice of hash and grass but expensive (from 5 to 15 euros per gramme), quality of hash is not constant.
Yoeri from Breda. Sent 13 Mar 2004.
I don't have any comment on the location or the design but I do have comment on the stuff they sell, the quality is very poor compared to other shops and it's more expensive.
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