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Burgemeester de Withstraat 5
3732 EH De Bilt
+31 (0)30 2210624
Sun-Thu 11:00-22:00; Fri-Sat 11:00-23:00
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Alibaba from Netherlands. Sent 28 Aug 2012.
This is simply just the best coffeeshop. I am coming here now for over a year and never disappointed. The menu is still Powerplant, White widdow and Aminisia (I know it is spelled differently but that is their way). The Aminisia is the best I have smoked for a long time. The place where you can chill is very big and has a pool table. And the friendliest guy sells weed with a smile. Yes we can!

Shane from Netherlands. Sent 18 Apr 2009.
For living so close to it, I appreciate the quality of the weed. The hash is so-so but, for being in De Bilt, the weed is top notch. Ranging in bags from 8 euros 16 euros and 24. Not a place to go everyday, I tend to just train it to Soest (Hacas) or Amerfoort (Horizon) or the many others in Utrecht for better variety but still this is a great last minute "o shit I need to grab coffeeshop".

Dubhead from Netherlands. Sent 23 Sep 2008.
The ambiance of this place is quite boring. Most of the time it's very quiet with no more than about three people sitting there. The only fun you can have here is at the pool table. They serve a small menu with two kinds of weed and two kinds of hash. The quality is above average, surprisingly good for such a small town. Friendly people. Not a place to hang out, but great as take-away.

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