ACD Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 48
1012 DP, Amsterdam
Shop Type
Smoker-friendly bar, allowing pure cannabis consumption
020 6268353
Open Hours
Daily 11:00-01:00
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Smudge from UK. Sent 7 Mar 2010.
One of the best gaffs in The Dam. Granted they don't sell weed but they've got no problem with you smoking upstairs in the pool room. And you can have a chilled pint at the same time. I've been to Dam many times and have grown bored with the endless coffees, juices and such that you drink too fast and then feel pressured to always have a drink in front of you, with Excalibur it's so easy, a pint lasts longer and is better value. (Don't advise drinking lots of beer and getting v stoned to novices).
Pawwly from USA. Sent 18 Nov 2008.
A splendid establishment in an excellent location, any place that plays Motorhead gets my highest review. Staff was cool as hell, tolerant of drunken stupidity & best efforts to fall down the stairs. If you're looking for a watering hole (no smoking) within the district, the white suspendered proprietor is the man to see.
Valo from England. Sent 17 Jun 2005.
No longer selling weed but makes up for it with a fantastic aura looming in the place - cheap (for the RLD) beers at €4 for a large cold Heineken and some of the best music I heard in any shop in Amsterdam, some heavy metal along with some good rock songs. The open front style of the shop makes for great viewing across the canal, especially at night when the streets are illuminated by bright neon lights. Definitely my kind of place for a cold beer and smoke (bring your own) before the ritual tours of the RLD.
Jose from Spain. Visited 2001. Sent 27 Mar 2004.
The rock and rollest coffee shop in the city, good music (from Led Zep to Black Sabbath, AC DC...), good people, a Harley and an Indian hang in the wall, well placed, all you need to enjoy a r'n'r night! Sex, Grass and r'n'r!
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