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Boerejongens West
Baarsjesweg 239
1058 AA, Amsterdam
Shop Type
Coffeeshop, licenced to sell cannabis to over 18s
020 6182128
Open Hours
Daily 07:00-01:00
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See also Boerejongens Centre and Bij.
Boerejongens West
Boerejongens West
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Claudio from Brazil. Sent 30 Oct 2012.
It was indicated by a taxi driver because of the Blue Lagoon weed, supposedly a blue bud. But I did not find this and bought some Cheese. Good weed but I was warned that I could not smoke inside, so I did not like that coffeeshop. 4/10
Marcel from Netherlands. Sent 9 Aug 2011.
This is the best coffeeshop I know when it comes down to getting value for your money. With a menu as great as the best shops in the centre, except it's generally €2, and sometimes even €4 a gram cheaper here. Menu is especially similar to Dampkring. Some examples: Big Buddha Cheese €9, L.A. Confidential €9,50, Super Silver Haze €9,50, White Russian €7, Amnesia €8, and their amazing White Choco at €7. It's take-away only though, so you'll have to smoke it somewhere else. A bit hard to find when using public transport, but one of the few shops in Amsterdam that's accessible by car (you can park for free in front of the door).
Q from Amsterdam. Sent 29 Dec 2010.
Not many people know this place but this is really one of the best coffeeshops there is! Cheap, quality, everything! I would recommend every haze they have!
Christian from Spain. Sent 18 Aug 2010.
I think in this coffeeshop they have some of the best weeds in Amsterdam, but probably they will give you less weed and hash than you were expecting. If I order one gram, they give 0.86 grams. It's a big difference.
Matt from USA. Sent 16 Jan 2008.
They advertised in High Times. It's a local place at the far end of the Vondel Park, I think the 1 and 17 trams are closest. I went on a Sunday afternoon. Although the menu has most things in the 7-8 euro range, they were sold out of many. I tried the Heavenly Haze at 9, it was okay, but like most of the things they had, it was more shake than bud. The sitting area was nice enough. I may have caught them on a bad day, if I was in the area I might try them again, but wouldn't go out of my way just to save a euro or two.
George from Greece. Sent 3 Jan 2008.
Excellent menu for both hash and weed, Ice joints (isolator) are kickass and the environment is really delicate and enjoyable for a coffee and chat. Staff is friendly and they will happily answer all your questions. Really a surprise to find such a coffeeshop in my neighborhood.
Stan Da Man from Amsterdam. Sent 16 Oct 2007.
1 euro cheaper than in the city.
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